Awards and Recognitions

FDG 2019 Best Paper Award

  • Winner Anastasia Salter, Mel Stanfill and Anne Sullivan. But Does Pikachu Love You? Reproductive Labor in Casual and Hardcore Games
  • Hon. Mention Richard Zhao, Christopher Shelton, Melanie Hetzel-Riggin, Jordan LaRiccia, Gregory Louchart, Adam Meanor and Heather Risser. Knowledge Assessment: Game for Assessment of Symptoms of Child Physical Abuse
  • Hon. Mention Miguel Oliveira and Pedro A. Santos. A Model for Socially Intelligent Merchants
  • Hon. Mention Casper Harteveld, Erica Kleinman, Paola Rizzo, Dylan Schouten, Truong Huy Nguyen, Samuel Liberty, Wade Kimbrough, Paul Fombelle and Magy Seif El-Nasr. Teamwork and Adaptation in Games (TAG): A Survey to gauge Teamwork
  • Hon. Mention Jacob Garbe, Max Kreminski, Ben Samuel, Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Michael Mateas. StoryAssembler: An Engine for Generating Dynamic Choice-Driven Narratives
  • Hon. Mention Alexander Cho, A. M. Tsaasan and Constance Steinkuehler. The Building Blocks of an Educational Esports League: Lessons from Year One in Orange County High Schools
  • Hon. Mention Xavier Ho and Marcus Carter. Exploring Roguelike Ancestry through Idea Network
  • Hon. Mention Brian Holtkamp, Mohammed Alshair, Daniel Biediger, Michael Wilson, Chang Yun and Kyungki Kim. Enhancing Subject Matter Assessments Utilizing Augmented Reality and Serious Game Techniques

Best Poster or Demo

Winner Fares Kayali, Naemi Luckner and Peter Purgathofer. Teaching Gameful Design

Best Reviewer

  • Winner Katja Rogers
  • Hon. Mention Matthias Steinböck
  • Hon. Mention Alex Mitchell
  • Hon. Mention Edward Melcer
  • Hon. Mention Zoe Wood
  • Hon. Mention Peter York
  • Hon. Mention Adam Smith

FDG Appreciation Awards

  • Winner Tarn Adams
  • Winner Rebecca Goff
  • Winner Kent Foster